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Our association PLACE for STRAYS – Streunerhilfe e.V.

On 04.07.2019 the association “Place for Strays – Streunerhilfe e.V.” founded. The official founding meeting took place on this date. Elena Auschill is responsible for the management of the association, Katja Auschill and Jacqueline George are the deputies.

The association is now registered with the tax office, i.e. we can now issue donation receipts.

We have also received permission from the Veterinary Office in accordance with Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act for “commercial trade in vertebrates” and the expertise in accordance with Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act has been certified. Our dogs travel with traces and every transport is officially registered through the Veterinary Office.

All donations go 100% directly to the dogs or to our animal shelter. The association does not incur any costs for personnel, administration, transport, postage, internet, homepage, telephone etc., because they are done on a voluntary basis or financed privately by our team.


As a club member, you will receive our accountability report at least once a year. Besides that, Katja and Lena, who are responsible for all association issues in our team, provide you with regular information on the planned projects and their implementation.

The membership fee for the association is 5,- euros per month. 

The membership fees are primarily used for larger projects, such as the construction of the new Red Cross station with quarantine enclosure in the past.

Are you interested? Then please click on the link down below. That will lead you directly to the application for admission, you please fill in, print and send to us. Thank you!

… or you fill the contact form and we will send the application for membership to you.