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Do you want to adopt a dog?

Procedure and information about the costs at a glance
  • Express interest

    You want to offer one of our dogs a loving home? You are ready to take care of him, to take time for him, to have patience and never to part with him? Then write us a message to

  • Selection of your dog

    We are happy to advise you in the choice of your dog. Which dog suits you depends on your person and your circumstances. We know our fur noses very well and can tell you a lot about their character and behavior. Basically, we always advise openly and honestly and do not talk well.

    Open and honest advice on the selection as well as the preparation of our dogs for their family are a matter of course for us. Reliable aftercare is also part of the adoption of a fur nose. These rules may be the reason why none of our adopted fur noses have yet to be returned. We are very proud of this.

  • Are the dogs all healthy?

    All our dogs are tested for possible diseases, especially tick bite fever, leishmaniasis and heartworms, and, of course, treated against it in case of illness. They are dewormed, vaccinated, spayed and protected from ticks, fleas and worms. Thus we give to the best of our knowledge and belief (except for dogs suffering from leishmaniasis) only healthy animals.

    Basically, we only release dogs for adoption when we believe that they are socialized and can cope well in a home-like, family environment.

  • pre-inspection

    If you have decided on a dog, a pre-inspection is carried out at your home. It is checked whether the conditions for the welfare of a dog are given. The pre-inspection is carried out by one of our team members.

  • Decision is made

    After a positive pre-check, Elena and Katja are the operators of the PLACE for STRAYS. release the dog for adoption.

  • Preparing for the trip

    After the release of a fur nose, the dog is examined again by the veterinarian. The rabies vaccine will also be refreshed and the dog will receive an EU pet passport and a microchip. The chip is registered with your data. For this we need your name, address, mobile phone number and a photo of the front and back of your ID card.

    Parallel to these preparations, we organize the transport of your fur nose.

  • Cost of adoption

    To partially cover our costs, we ask for an expense allowance of

    • 350, – Euro for adoption abroad and
    • 200 euros for adoption within Portugal.

    The following benefits are included in this allowance:

    • dewormings (about 15 €)
    • Seresto collars or other protection agains vermit (about 28 €)
    • SNAP and Leish test (37,50 €)
    • all vaccinations including rabies vaccination (53 €)
    • castration / sterilization (about 55 € males / about 80 € females)


    In addition, the dog gets the following on his journey:

    • leash, harness and collar (25 €)
    • EU pet passport (11,25 €)
    • microchip and registration (15 €)


    The cost of transportation varies between 120 € and 200 €.

    Since we pay the costs for the medical care of our doggies from the donations of our Facebook support group, we use the income from the adoptions for feed, straw, water, electricity, equipment and maintenance of the PLACE for STRAYS.

  • Your doggie goes on the journey

    Your fur nose is brought to Germany either by plane or by land transport. On a flight the fur nose is accompanied by a flight sponsor. For land transport, we work exclusively with recognized and reliable transport companies.

    On the day of arrival, you or a person commissioned by you will arrive punctually to the agreed pick-up location. There you take your fur nose with pet passport, vaccination certificate, collar, harness and leash.

  • Advice and care after adoption

    The journey is very exciting and exhausting for many of the dogs. Add to that the new environment, new faces, sounds, smells. It is perfectly normal if your fur nose does not eat, let water or be stroked. Some fur noses hide at the beginning even. Please give her the time she needs to arrive.

    Initially, we recommend only short rounds of gas near your house, which can expand slowly. Furthermore, we recommend to secure the dog twice in the first two weeks, so with collar AND safety harness.

    For all questions or problems that occur, we are of course with words and deeds aside.

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