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We take care. Give love. Have hope.

Every day.

Unfortunately, there they are, the countless inquiries, the requests and also the urgent emergencies, which can not be postponed. And there is the waiting list for the admission of pregnant females who have been abandoned, puppies left alone or disposed of in the trash, the sick, the elderly, the injured …

We would like to accommodate all these fur noses, but that’s just not possible. So we do what we can to face the misery. This means ensuring the daily care of 25-30 dogs and bearing the costs of vet, food, water and electricity.

Once arrived and medically supplied for the new dogs starts a new life in the “PLACE for STRAYS“. At the beginning a bit unsettled by the wild going-on, they quickly get to know the daily processes and the volunteers.

And it’s all about us feeding and cleaning, scrubbing and cleaning, cuddling and petting, romping on our large open space with playground. But we also take time for careful approach, first leash training, cautious acquaintance. At some point a terrified dog can be touched for the first time. There is a first smack or a stormy greeting. These experiences always confirm us in what we do.

And when the moment has come that a once frightened and sickly fur nose says goodbye to go in a new home, farewell mingles with tears of joy. And we have a free place for the next fate of animals, which we can hopefully make good again with all the volunteers and supporters.


You want to support the fur noses?

Or would you like to get a picture of the PLACE for STRAYS yourself?

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