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A special place for strays – for dogs in need

Hidden in a small side valley, very close to Albufeira in the Algarve (Portugal), it is our “PLACE for STRAYS”, a small, privately owned shelter, where up to 30 dogs can be looked after and cared for.

Distributed over the grounds we have 8 spacious enclosures of 15 m²-35 m² for our dogs, in addition, there is a secluded Red Cross station with quarantine enclosures for our newcomers or mother dogs with their puppies, a dog wash station and a separate lodge for freshly operated dogs, for puppies, or for all those cases that first need a quiet, secluded spot.

A caravan is serving as a supply station and and a feed store was erected. With that all conditions were created to meet our protégés and their needs.

Furthermore we have a large cleared area to serve as a run free area and playground. Here there is now a much loved sand pile, pallet and tire obstacles and many more plans and ideas…

Of course there will be no downtime in a rescue centre. So also in our PLACE for STRAYS there is always a lot to repair, to maintain and to renew. And we still have too many plans and ideas for improvements that we want to gradually implement.

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