Angel was found by her former owners when she was about 5 weeks old and kept. The former owner was abandoned by his wife last year and couldn’t get along with 2 dogs. He had tried to find a new home for Angel on his own, but was unsuccessful. Angel then moved in with us at the Place for Strays and was slowly getting used to the new surroundings.

She was very sad, however, because just like us humans there are very specific characters among the fur noses. So there are the harder-boiled people who don’t knock anything down so quickly and then there are the delicate, sensitive little ones who are sad and scared and just don’t belong in an animal shelter. And our Angel was such a soul, a very pretty mouse with lovely, friendly eyes that simply say “please let me be YOUR fur nose”. Angel was only a year and a half old – so very young. But she had to leave home and then she no longer understood the world. She cried a lot and hid, confused and shy. Unfortunately, she hadn’t gotten to know much in her previous life either. So she just lacked confidence. 

Our helpers Conny and Thomas couldn’t see that and took special care of the poor mouse. They paid a lot of attention to her and spent a lot of time with her. Angel understood that immediately, of course, and clung to both of them. If Conny and Thomas weren’t on the premises, Angel was sad, shy and scared. As soon as they entered the square, however, Angel turned into a completely different dog. Then she literally blossomed, wagged her tail and played with the two or other dogs. She was then much braver and more open and was just happy that the two were there. She learned to sit and really enjoyed playing with balls.

After a while Angel understood that her fear was unfounded and that all the helpers only wanted their best. She started to trust us and became more and more open. When she was also fully vaccinated, we were able to find the right family for her and she now lives in them – healthy and happy.