We were asked to help an emaciated female dog whose owners did not care for her and who looked like she had recently had puppies. Our helpers wanted to get an idea of ​​the situation on site, see whether they could help and set off. The dog was quickly found, and a while later her puppies too – in a locked, dark shed, without water, without food and without access to the mother. Fortunately, our helpers managed to talk to the owners and convince them to hand over the dogs. And so Mama Wendy and her 6 puppies, including Blue, came to us in the PLACE for STRAYS, where we now took care of the small family. Wendy regained her strength and her pups grew into strong, healthy pups. After all of the necessary vaccinations were completed, they could move into their own forever families. BLUE was taken over by our partner organization DOGSnHOMES together with sister MALEA, which has found a loving family for our cute mouse.