Buffy, her mom Dorie and her 5 siblings (Amy, Bruno, Kylie, Saphira and Teddy) come from a gypsy camp. Unfortunately, the dogs are usually not doing well there. And so it was with this small family of dogs. They lived under a car wreck. The little tails had even been cut off. Fortunately, a dear woman became aware of her and sought help from us. She and Elena finally managed to get the whole family off and so they moved in with us. Everything will be fine now.


Our little, cheeky BUFFY has not yet completely shed her fear. When it gets louder, it hides quickly. She can now be cuddled, caressed and also played, but she doesn’t really like cuddling yet. She also needs some time. But you can tell that she is smart and cheeky, she will soon be a funny little cheeky mouse.