Charlie Brown


Another story that one cannot believe at all, but which is unfortunately true. Animal rights activists friends found Bella and her 8 puppies abandoned on a street. She was tied to a tree with a short rope and could barely move. Their pups lay around them – thank God nothing had happened to anyone, so defenseless. Bella and her puppies were collected and taken to the PLACE for STRAYS. was already full. We fostered the little family and nursed them back to health – they were all infected with the horrific Parvo virus. After they were all healthy and fully vaccinated, we found loving families for them – including Charlie Brwon. He now lives healthy and happy with his dear family in Germany. 


Charlie Brown may have been the nerd around. He is a very relaxed guy and likes to go his own way. He also likes to be cuddled, but can also do well on his own.

Medical care

  • 27/11/2020: Inpatient treatment at Algarvet as Charlie Brown is very weak and tested positive for the parvovirus.
  • 15/12/2020 first regular vaccination
  • 19/12/2020: deworming and spot on
  • 06/01/2021: booster vaccination
  • 13/01/2021: rabies vaccination and chip