Another story that one cannot believe at all, but which is unfortunately true. Animal rights activists found a female dog and her 8 puppies abandoned on a street. The mother dog was tied to a tree and could hardly move from the place. Her pups were lying around her – thank God nothing happened to anyone, so defenseless. And one of those puppies was HOLLY. The mother dog and her puppies were collected and when we got the call for help, we couldn’t help but take them in, even though our PLACE for STRAYS was already full. Finally safe and lovingly cared for, mother and puppies first came to rest and settled in. But then it was discovered that Bella (the mother) had Parvo virus. Unfortunately she had already infected her puppies. Now a tough fight against this insidious and highly contagious virus began in our PLACE for STRAYS. Fortunately, with intensive veterinary treatments, serious disinfection measures and isolation of the small family, we were able to win this fight. When the puppies were finally healthy and had received all vaccinations, dear families were looked for and found for them. And our sweet Holly found such a family. She now lives there healthy and happy.