In the residential area of ​​our helper Anabela, Maria and later Fofinha were picked up. For some time now we have been trying to catch two more dogs. Moises and Alice. She probably got pregnant by Moises and could only be collected because of this fact. Because they are very smart and nimble. Anabela was able to catch her because of the birth and brought her to Marine and Titiane’s home. There Alice was able to finish the birth and gave birth to a total of 4 boys and a girl. Unfortunately, Alice did not free the last puppy, the girl, from the amniotic sac. Marine immediately acted correctly, removed the amniotic sac and rubbed and gently massaged the little girl until she breathed and gave signs of life. So she was able to save the puppy’s life. The little girl was therefore named after her savior: Marine.


Marine is the enchanting angel in the group. She runs and plays and sometimes does nonsense, but even then she is just sweet as sugar!