Snowflake was found on the side of the road in Paderne. There she sat all alone and apparently waited for her people who had left her there. The place where it was found is a so-called hotspot, where dogs are sadly repeatedly abandoned. A woman driver saw Snowflake there and took her away, even though she knew she couldn’t keep her. But she was looking for help – and with that she did just the right thing. This is how SNOWFLAKE came to us in the PLACE for STRAYS.

A few days with us, little Snowflake quickly forgot her initial shyness. Our volunteer Lea, who was on site at the time, took special care of the little one. She let her sleep in her mobile home at night, pepped up the mouse with a lot of love and made her feel safe. So Snowflake was able to put aside her fear and soon move into the enclosure of Bella’s puppies. There she was well received in the pack and had plenty of playmates. And that also worked, because she was a very playful dog and very social towards her fellow dogs. She also loves us humans very much. And after an extensive round of games, she liked to be cuddled and cuddled for a long time. Like all puppies, she was very curious, open-minded, attentive and made a lot of nonsense. For example, she liked to nibble on things – no matter what it was. She wasn’t picky about that. And although she was doing such mischief, she was still a rather calm and relaxed dog, a little less hyperactive than some other puppies. 

After she was fully vaccinated, it didn’t take long and we found just the right family for our sweet Snowflake. And with this she now lives healthy and happy.