Toffee lived on the street. Local residents saw her again and again and wanted to help her, but she refused to be caught. When she got lost in a garden at some point, the resident called for help and Elena set off with Neele and her dog Belle. It took two days to finally get Toffee, but now she is with us at the PLACE for STRAYS and is really fine. 


At first Toffee was very anxious and cautious, but let himself be put on a harness and kept on a leash. She carefully explored the area and slowly made herself familiar with all dogs and people. Then it slowly thawed. Our other fur noses at the PLACE for STRAYS also helped her, because she gets on really well with them and she loves to play and run with them. They also showed her that there is no reason to be afraid of us humans. And then there are Conny and Thomas, who take special care of toffee and devote a lot of time to it. Surely she will soon have completely overcome her remaining fear.