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You want to foster one of our fur noses?

Questions and answers at a glance
  • What is a foster home?

    Not every fur nose is lucky enough to be able to move into a family directly from PLACE for STRAYS. Although we always try to prepare our protégés as well as possible for living in the house with people, the best way to do this is on a foster home. Especially for fur noses who need 1:1 care in their further development, a foster home is exactly the right thing.

    A foster home is therefore the stepping stone for a dog in its very own family. Specifically, this means: You take in a dog temporarily with you, train with it, prepare it for life in a family and give it back when it is ready and we have found the right family for it.

  • Which conditions do I have to fulfil?

    First and foremost, you should love animals and want to volunteer. You should also be ready to take a dog with you and have the time and patience to train with this fur nose and get it used to living in a family. Are you already experienced with dogs? Then of course that’s an advantage, but not a mandatory requirement.

  • What will this cost me?

    The cost of the food, liability insurance and dog tax is paid by the foster home. Ideally the initial equipment should be available – but we can offer assistance with this.

    Veterinary costs are covered by PLACE for STRAYS by prior arrangement. In addition, you are provided with a suitable safety harness, a collar and a leash for the dog provided for the duration of the fostering period.

  • How long is the dog in my care?

    This is difficult to answer in general, since it depends on the development of the dog. Sometimes it happens very quickly, sometimes it takes weeks or even months. As soon as the dog is ready for adoption, the mediation period will depend on whether you help us with beautiful pictures, videos, a realistic description and also private advertisements and leaflets. The more we can report on a dog, the higher the chances for the dog to be quickly placed in a suitable family.

  • Which dog comes to me for care?

    That depends on the conditions you specify, which fur nose benefits from 1: 1 care and fits you and your living conditions. Of course we advise you on the selection of your care dog and accompany you during the care period.

  • What if I want to keep the dog?

    Then we welcome you to the club of the “foster-failure”. Of course you can take over the dog. We then have a tear in our eye: We are happy that the dog has found a great home. But we are also sad that we have lost a valuable foster home.

  • How can I become a foster home?

    Send us a private message via the contact form or an e-mail to

    We will then send you a self-assessment report in which you will answer questions about your living conditions. Following the return of the report, a team member will call you for a preliminary chat.

    If this is positive for both of us, we will arrange an appointment together for a pre-check at your home.

    Afterwards, if there is a positive outcome, nothing stands in the way of starting as a foster home.

  • Advice and care during the foster period

    Our team member Elena looks after our foster homes in Germany. She is at your side as direct contact person during the entire foster period with advice and action.

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