In the residential area of ​​our helper Anabela, Maria and later Fofinha were picked up. For some time now we have been trying to catch two more dogs. Moises and Alice. She probably got pregnant by Moises and could only be collected because of this fact. Because they are very smart and nimble. Anabela was able to catch her because of the birth and brought her to Marine and Titiane’s home. There Alice was able to finish the birth and gave birth to a total of 4 boys and a girl. Now the small family comes to rest in the shelter of the Place for Strays.


Alice now lives with Elena again. She just can’t stand it in our Place for Strays. She needs her freedom like the air to breathe and fights for it regardless of her own health. If she is locked in an enclosure, she fights with fences and gates until she is out. She accepts torn claws and other injuries without batting an eyelid. She is just a free spirit.

At Elena’s home it works much better. She loves Elena’s dogs, especially Ellie. But she also likes all the other dogs very much. She also plays so nicely with the puppies, it is a real pleasure to watch them. She just needs a bunch of dog friends, but also a sofa, a cozy bed and loving hands that scratch and cuddle her.

Alice can be free with her. She runs very well with her and the other dogs, always stays close to the pack and does not run away. In general, she loves the long walkways where there is a lot to discover and adventure to experience. Every now and then she gets her crazy 5 minutes, then she runs up and down the beach like a madman. She almost flies, that’s how fast she is.

Alice is not yet always coming when you call her. Most of the times she comes, but it is not yet one hundred percent reliable. With her, a lot is based on voluntariness. But she rides well in the car and is house trained. She also goes to the Place for Strays, but wants to be taken home again. She can now also be touched and cuddled by Elena. But a bit of caution and mistrust still has to be cast aside.

Finding the right family for Alice is not going to be easy, that is clear to us. But we also know that there are people who live freely themselves and can meet this need for a dog. It wasn’t that long ago that two of our dogs moved in with such lovely, freedom-loving people: MILA and KILA. And that’s exactly what we want for Alice too.