The female dog of a couple who lived in an illegal campsite became pregnant and gave birth to puppies. When their dog was no longer breast feeding the puppies, the couple drove away with their mother dog, leaving the pups behind. We don’t know how many puppies there were, but an attentive animal rights activist urgently asked us for help, as the area was not fenced in and was on a busy road. We immediately went there, picked up two of the three remaining puppies and took them to the Place for Strays. The property owners wanted to keep the third puppy, BILLY. A few weeks later, however, they got in touch because they couldn’t handle a puppy. And that’s how BILLY came to us in the PLACE for STRAYS, too, where he can now settle in and play and romp with his siblings. When the three of them have received full veterinary care and are fully vaccinated, they can move into their own forever families. There they will need space, because the three will probably be quite big.


Billy is looking just like his brother Urmel. About his character we cannot say much yet, as he is just settling in with us.