Candy and another dog (Henry) lived on an abandoned property. The owner had died and her husband had to be hospitalized and then go to a nursing home. Neighbors fed the two dogs as best they could, but could not take the dogs with them. They looked for help and that’s how we came in.

It took several days before we managed to capture the two of them on the spacious property. Candy looked very sick. We suspected mange. She was also missing half an ear and had very long claws. But now the two are in our care. With the help of our Facebook group, we take care of her veterinary care.

During the initial examination by the vet it turned out that Candy suffers from mange and therefore has very sensitive skin. She cries when she is touched too much. We treat her with medicinal baths and medicines. She also has Leishmaniasis. For that she gets Allopurinol. And most important of all, she gets a lot of love.