Daisy was found on the street by us. Since Algarvet had just closed at that time, Elena took Daisy home with her to introduce her to Algarvet later. Daisy is already 8 years old and luckily she ran into Elena. Now Daisy can first settle in with us and relax.


Daisy currently lives on a foster home with our helper Catherine. She says about Daisy that she is a great female dog who gets a little bit more confident every day. She is completely house trained and sleeps through the night. She has a very gentle nature and gets along very well with Sam, the 8 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. She loves to sniff around the garden, to sleep in the sun and she enjoys short walks. She is a bit shy of people at first, but that subsides quickly and then she keeps wagging her tail. She is no longer afraid of eye contact, gives kisses and hits the door with her paw when she wants to get in or out.