A few days ago a family asked us for help because a dog showed up on their doorstep and has not wanted to leave since then. Without further ado it was discovered that she even had a chip. That meant she had to have an owner. With the help of Algarvet, the owner was quickly found and contacted. She stated that she had given the dog to a gypsy boy two weeks ago! After a long conversation she was persuaded to hand the dog over to Place for Strays. So we drove off, picked up the dog and brought her to the Place for Strays. An initial visit to the vet revealed that the poor sweetie was suffering from heart worms and tick-bite fever. No wonder! The poor sweetie was full of ticks. To make matters worse, she also has a purulent ear infection. At least the leishmaniasis test was negative! Now she can first relax and recover in the Place for Strays. We hope very much that the treatment will work quickly and that her health will improve very soon!


We can’t say much about Diana’s character yet, because she’s still brand new at PLACE for STRAYS and is just settling in. But with her sweet nature she has already won some hearts! She is totally cuddled, affectionate and everyone she meets is greeted with a hug! In the photos you can see what a hug from Diana looks like.