Dorie and her 6 puppies (Amy, Bruno, Buffy, Kylie, Saphira and Teddy) come from a gypsy camp. Unfortunately, the dogs are usually not doing well there. And so it was with Dory too. She lived with her little ones under a car wreck. During the initial examination, it was found that Dory has a tick bite fever. On the other hand, she is treated. She also had an umbilical hernia. This was operated on during her sterilization. After her admission, Dorie and her puppies first moved in with Elena for a few days, but after a while they were able to move to our PLACE for STRAYS and since then they have enjoyed romping around as they please. Our cute mouse now wants to catch up on a lot of carefree play and cuddling. We suspect that it was not Dorie’s first litter and are glad that she survived her sterilization, which also included an operation on the umbilical hernia. In the future, she will no longer have to look after unwanted puppies.


Dorie was very insecure at first, but got along very well with Elena’s dogs from the start and even let them with her pups. The sadness in her gaze, the crouched posture and extreme submissiveness slowly disappear and she walks a little more upright from day to day. Now she’s really happy when Elena comes home. She loves the couch! There you could let her cuddle you from morning to evening. She needs a lot of love, she probably has a lot to catch up on. Like every stray, Dorie is always hungry. Since she was previously fed with kitchen waste, she is not used to dog food and keeps trying to get hold of people’s food. Garbage cans and leftover food must therefore be secured. Dorie was house trained from the start and already walks very well on a leash. And although our pretty Dorie probably didn’t have that good experience with people before, she is now cuddling and people are always at the front. It shows itself to be very sweet and its specialty is the “tender” jumping, which seems almost polite. Dorie’s uncomplicated nature and her super friendly nature make her a real dream dog. She is also great at walking on a leash.