The female dog of a couple who lived in an illegal campsite became pregnant and gave birth to puppies. When their dog stopped breastfeeding, the couple moved away with their dog, leaving the pups behind. We don’t know how many puppies there were, but an attentive animal rights activist urgently asked us for help, as the area was not fenced in and was on a busy road. We immediately set off, picked up the two remaining puppies and took them to the Place for Strays. Here they are now cherished and cared for until they have been given complete veterinary care and can move into their own forever family.


Elsa and Urmel now live with Dorie’s puppies. They have a lot of playmates there. Like all puppies, Elsa would like to play and experience adventures all day. Elsa will probably get very tall and we suspect her to be a mixture of herding dogs. She prefers to lie down on an elevated spot and watch everything very closely. When someone comes, the little sweetie will let you know and bark.