Gala lived with her mother Amora and her sister Shenzi on the street or near houses. Dear residents fed the three, but could not take them in the house. They searched for help for a long time and found none. By a happy coincidence they came into contact with our helper Claudia and so we took the three bitches in with us. Unfortunately we came too late because Gala and Shenzi were already pregnant. But at least this will be their last litter of puppies and the little ones will be fine from the start.


Gala was initially housed in the shelter, but since the birth of her puppies she has now also lived in Elena’s house. There she likes to lie in the sun in the courtyard and slowly dares to explore the house. She still can’t quite decide whether she still finds people scary or whether she likes to come and cuddle. She will need a little more time before she trusts us two-legged friends. But she gets that too.