One lunchtime we received sad news: A pregnant bitch from the city shelter had to be euthanized due to complications during the birth of her 7 puppies. The last puppy seemed to be stuck, which led to a fatal infection in the puppy mum. Unfortunately, we don’t know any more. Since the public animal shelter could not find a surrogate mother for the newborns to take in, they were forced to euthanize the puppies. A committed member of the animal welfare organization Pata Ativa did not want to allow this, however, and quickly packed the little ones. However, since she cannot take care of all 7 at the same time, we were asked for help and so it happened that 3 small, newly born puppies were in our care. Our volunteers give everything to nurture the little ones and raise them with bottles. Unfortunately the smallest and weakest of the litter didn’t make it and died. The other two drink hard and put on a bit of weight every day, which gives us hope that they will make it. One of these two puppies is Gretel.


Gretel is too small to say something about her character. You have to be a little patient.