Happy and Millie

Some days we might just despair. And exactly such a day was on June 29th, 2020.

Another emergency … two little puppies, emaciated, dehydrated, full of ticks and wounds all over their bodies … 10 weeks of life. 10 weeks of suffering.

Our helpers were there immediately, took care of the two of them and brought them to the vet, but one of the two little ones died on the way (the dark one in the photos). We called her MILLIE. The second little one made it to the vet, was placed on a warming pad and on the IV, and we hoped and prayed once more that she would make it through the night and much further. Our Facebook support group took a great interest in the fate of little Happy – this name should bring her strength and happiness.

After a blood test it was found that HAPPY was suffering from parvovirus. Since she would certainly not have survived without a blood transfusion, we immediately drove to Faro to fetch a blood bag. After the administration of the blood, hope arose because Happy sat up briefly and ate something. After receiving a spot on, tons of ticks started falling off the small, weak body. Our vets told us that they had never had such a small body with so many ticks in their practice.

Finally the Parvo virus was under control, our little mouse ate, did not vomit and did not have diarrhea. Even so, she was still very weak and her eyes were half closed. Another blood test showed that all values ​​were good, but she was still very anemic. And still dozens of ticks fell off this little body. She received plasma transfusions and Supra tablets every day because it was too early for another blood transfusion.

Despite all the intensive efforts, good signs and so many good wishes, our little mouse unfortunately did not make it and died on 07/07/2020. We will never forget the two poor little dog children. They stay in our hearts.