In an exhausting rescue operation by our animal welfare organization PATA ATIVA and SEPNA, it was possible to save the pregnant Honey-Feline from having to give birth to her pups on the street. And since we have slowly developed into specialists for expectant mother dogs and puppy rearing, we have been asked for help again – and of course we are very happy to help! After her rescue, she was brought to Algarvet by Pata Ativa and handed over to us.

Honey-Feline immediately felt at home in our PLACE for STRAYS. She loved all the people and dogs there and everyone loved her. When her puppies were born, she moved in with Elena, where she could take care of her babies and regain strength. The little ones developed well and when they were old enough the little family moved back to the PLACE for STRAYS. After they were fully vaccinated, they moved into their own families – including Honey-Feline.


Honey-Feline is a true sunshine dog. She is always happy, her tail goes like a propeller and she loves to cuddle and cuddle.