Another story that one cannot believe, but which is unfortunately true. Animal rights activists who were friends found Bella  and her 8 puppies abandoned on a street. She was tied to a tree and could hardly move from the place! Her pups were laying around her – thank God nothing happened to them, so defenseless. Bella and her puppies were taken in our PLACE for STRAYS. We took care of them and gave them the medical care they needed, as almost all of them had the dangerous Parvo virus. After they recovered from Parvo and were completely vaccinated, we found them all loving families – such as for our lovely Karuzo. Now he is living a healthy and happy dog life with his humans in Germany.


As is typical for puppies, Karuzo was very playful, always on the lookout to discover something new and incredibly people-related. Like all his siblings, he loved to cuddle and cuddle.

Medical care

  • 15/12/2020: Initial examination and first regular vaccination, negative test for parvovirus
  • 19/12/2020: deworming and spot on
  • 06/01/2021: booster vaccination
  • 13/01/2021: rabies vaccination and chip