Momo had to live on a chain in a small courtyard all his life. His only company was a chicken. Animal rights activists became aware of the case and saved the little guy from these conditions. Since moving into the PLACE for STRAYS, he has been happy about his newfound freedom and has really blossomed. Since Momo suffered from heart worms, he had to endure lengthy and dangerous therapy. He got rid of the heart worms at some point, but water kept collecting in his little body and making it difficult for him to breathe. While this water could initially still be treated with medication, this deteriorated over time and finally had to be taken regularly by the vet with syringes. At some point, MOMO suddenly felt worse than ever. Although Aline was only with him at the vet, where the abdominal fluid had been removed from him, the stomach was swollen again a short time later and he was gasping for air. Then Aline and Momo immediately set off. Aline had already prepared herself for the difficult decision not to suffer but to let MOMO go. But then her MOMO came first and died in her car on the way to Algarvet. We were all very, very sad, but above all Aline and her family, who had cared for MOMO for many months and finally adopted them … We will never forget this little cuddle who is eternalized in our hearts.