This poor fur nose grandpa turned up starved and neglected in front of the house of our helper Dianne. She took him to the vet immediately and of course he had no chip and nobody missed this poor furry friend. So we took him to the PLACE for STRAYS and had him examined thoroughly.

Although the blood tests for heart worm, tick bite fever, and leishmaniasis all came back negative, Pablo had very poor kidney and liver values. The ultrasound and X-ray also revealed that he had kidney stones and a tumor in the testicles. However, an operation was out of the question because he was far too weak and at the age of 10 had to be physically fit to survive anesthesia.

Our helpers and Algarvet really gave everything. Nevertheless, Pablo seemed to have given up because he just didn’t want to eat and one of his eyes seemed “empty”. He urgently needed to regain his strength! Our dear helper Anabela took Pablo home to offer him all-round care. Every now and then our little one pulled himself up and took a few tiny bites – we always drew hope – but in the end nothing helped and Pablo no longer wanted to fight.

On June 21st, 2020 Pablo died and made us all very sad. May he be well on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and be happy! We will never forget you, you little darling!