Rolf lived as a street dog in Albufeira and, as an uncastrated male, caused countless unwanted puppy litters. At some point Pata Ativa managed to capture him and have him castrated. After no home was found for him, we were asked to take him in and so Rolf came to us.


Rolf has settled in perfectly at the Place for Strays. He loves to be pampered and cuddled by the helpers. If they try to stop, he’ll nudge them quickly and they’ll move on. He also enjoys romping around with the other dogs outdoors. Big or small, girl or boy, he likes them all. And even if the boss of the animal shelter, Grandpa Tyson, grumbles at him once, Rolf is completely cold. He cannot be provoked. He also loves going for a walk, and he likes to adore the people who walk with him. Since he hears so well, he could even go for a walk without a leash. He just does it great!