This treasure, weakened by hunger and disease, appeared daily in front of a woman’s house and begged for food. This dear woman did not close her eyes to the suffering of this poor stray dog, but fed him daily and looked for help because her own dogs did not accept the stray dog. Elena caught the poor stray together with the woman and took him straight to the vet. There it turned out that he suffered from tick bite fever, anemia, the terrible heartworms and, to make matters worse, also advanced leishmaniasis.

We were all convinced that SAMMY would make it and eventually get well. First, tick bite fever was treated and the associated anemia was combated. The strenuous heartworm therapy should then begin two months later.

After completing the tick bite therapy, SAMMY lost more and more weight and its condition deteriorated from day to day. He ate badly from the start, but even less wanted to eat less. Elena then took care of the sparrow so that she could be better monitored and looked after more intensively. Unfortunately, he was still getting worse. At some point he had to go to the drip in the clinic and after his blood values ​​improved and he ate again, there was another setback and overnight his blood values ​​were back at the initial, poor level.

Elena then adopted SAMMY because – regardless of whether SAMMY would make it or not – she wanted to be his family. Despite intensive efforts and lots and lots of love, one morning Sammy suddenly felt so bad that Elena had to start the difficult trip to the vet, knowing that there was no hope for our dear SAMMY. Algarvet finally gave us the sad certainty that there was nothing more we could do for the poor sweetheart and so we had to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge. Unfortunately, our help came too late. SAMMY’s kidneys were already too damaged for his weak body to win the fight against all of these diseases.

SAMMY was very much loved by Elena, as well as all team members of the PLACE for STRAYS and his godmothers and showered with attention. We really miss him very much. After the cremation, our treasure was buried in an urn on our PLACE for STRAYS site and a small tree is planted. We will never forget our dear SAMMY!