Tyson lived with an owner with three other dogs, who bullied him so badly that moving out was the only option. He was constantly attacked and injured and brought to the shelter with a bad injury on the tail.


Tyson is already 10 years old, which you would not believe when you are playing with him. He tirelessly picks up balls and enjoys life. Unfortunately, he looks a bit aggressive, which he is not at all. His brindle coat, the rather beefy head and especially the Ridgeback on his back, make him look as if he is constantly bucking the fur. He does not do that at all. In his former home, he was bullied by the other dogs living there. He probably prefers to avoid disputes. For water or a ball anyway, he leaves every other dog on the left! 

No, he is not necessarily a cuddly bear. Cuddling is just not so masculine 😉 But you do not have to worry about him in any case. One should only be powerful at throwing.