A story that one cannot believe at all, but which is unfortunately true. Animal rights activists who were friends found a female dog and her 8 pups abandoned on a street. One of these puppies was VELVET. The mother dog was tied to a tree and could hardly move from the place. Her pups lay around her – thank God nothing happened to them, so defenseless.

The female and her puppies were collected and when we got the call for help, we couldn’t help but take them in, although our PLACE for STRAYS was already full. Everyone was safe, looked after and lovingly nursed up.

Whenever Velvet was not doing well, she was taken to the vet clinic. There she was thoroughly examined and found to be suffering from the horrific, insidious and highly contagious Parvo virus. Real bad news! While we immediately took radical precautionary measures in our PLACE for STRAYS, Velvet was supplied with antibiotics and nutritional supplements.

The following day, her brothers Charlie Brown and Fred also had to be brought to the clinic because they were showing the first symptoms of the disease.

Unfortunately, Velvet’s condition did not improve despite intensive care. When she was thoroughly examined again the next day, it was found that her stomach was full of air that could not be extracted from the body due to a blockage typical of this disease. The only way to help her: emergency surgery.

Unfortunately, our little Velvet died when the anesthesia was put on. Her small body was just too weak.

Like all our angels, Velvet will be cremated and buried on our PLACE for STRAYS property. We will keep it in our hearts forever.