We were asked to help an emaciated female dog whose owners did not care for her and who looked like she had recently had puppies. Elena and Sacha wanted to get an idea of ​​the situation on site, see whether they could help and set off. The bitch was quickly found, and a while later her puppies too – in a locked, dark shed, without water, without food and without access to the mother. Fortunately, they managed to talk to the owners and convince them to give up the dogs. And so WENDY and her 6 puppies (5 girls and 1 boy) came to us in the PLACE for STRAYS, where we took good care of the small family.

When the puppies were fully vaccinated, we looked for loving families for them all in which they can now live healthy and happy. Wendy has traveled to Germany to a foster home, where she is properly trained. The foster mom and a professional canine trainer teach Wendy everything she should know. And she did amazing things! Sit, take a seat, walk on foot, meet other dogs on the street, drive in the car, all of this is no longer a problem for our Super-Wendy! Now all you really need is HER very special person who has fun playing with her every day, training with her, challenging her, but also giving her the caress she needs. We keep our fingers crossed for Wendy that HER person can be found very quickly.


Wendy is a caring and protective dog mom. We suspect a Malinois mix in Wendy – a very special breed of dog. Malinois are very often used as police and rescue dogs due to their high intelligence, their pronounced sensitivity, docility, their robust nature and their willingness to work. These dogs need activity, a job and have to be used to the full – physically and mentally. Our Wendy also loves us humans very much, seeks our closeness and is very, very happy to be cuddled and cuddled. She is a beautiful, intelligent, sensitive and elegant dog lady!